Lowest Priced Dog Waste Stations in the USA!
Forged from ultra-strong 14 and 16 gauge aluminum. Not poly-plastic-resin like our competitor's. Aluminum does not hold odors and bacteria like plastic can.
Professional Park and Property Managers have chosen our stations for their high quality and great value. The best station you can buy for $199! Includes our 5-Year Warranty. Value Priced. Built to last! Cheapest prices, period.
Why Buy a Dog Waste Station?
Dog waste stations help keep parks, streets, apartments and multi-family properties and residential backyards clean by providing a spot for people to throw away dog waste. Dog waste stations include a post, sign waste can and a bag dispenser, with plastic bags to be used to pick-up the waste. These  convenient stations have several advantages for a community, from keeping innocent people from "stepping in it," to keeping residents, open areas, and waterways safe from the health dangers of uncollected dog waste.
The stations keep dog waste from, at a minimum, ruining a nice walk or someone's busy day. Without dog waste stations, those walking their dogs might be tempted to not clean up after them, leaving an unattractive mess for everyone else, which leads to unhappy citizens and residents. Well placed stations also help stop a much more dangerous hazard. Improperly discarded dog waste can be more than annoying; it can also cause serious health and environmental problems. 
The waste can carry viruses, bacteria and parasites harmful to humans and other animals. Dog waste left in parks, playing fields, playgrounds, and on the ground has the potential to spread those unhealthy bugs to people, especially the children who play there. Parasites such as roundworm, tapeworms, and a variety of bacteria and viruses that can cause flu-like systems, or worse, can be spread by pets, most often through their waste. And, you should never use dog waste being used as fertilizer. It is more likely to kill a lawn or garden than help it grow. A dog does not have the proper diet for its waste to be useful.
Instead, a dog's waste has the potential to wash into storm drains, then into lakes and streams. It harms fish and aquatic wildlife by depleting oxygen in the water and potentially releasing ammonia. It also destroys the aesthetics of the waterways by encouraging the growth of algae. 
These problems can be curbed by installing dog waste stations in your community, which are convenient for both those using them and maintaining them. All dog waste stations provide bags that dog owners can use to clean-up during their walks. Providing stations and bags encourages compliance.
Besides the aesthetic and environmental issues, dog waste stations can help communities, apartment complexes and individuals economically. A relatively small investment in dog waste stations means crews don't have to clean it off the streets and yards, saving hours of manpower. And, for individuals, having a convenient place to throw away waste leaves them less susceptible to tickets and fines. Clean waterways, parks and communities means a higher quality of life, which helps a city or town attract businesses and industry, or an apartment manager attract good tenants. Dog waste stations are readily available across the United States. is committed to helping communities develop pet waste programs to increase clean-up compliance.
The stations and the waste bags offered at are less expensive than all competitors. Even so, the stations are made from commercial grade, rust proof aluminum, with a post made of powder coated steel, ensuring the durability expected for an outdoors, public area. is able to provide low prices by selling direct, through its large volume and its specialization.
Complete with dog waste bags offered on, the stations make it easy for those walking their dogs to clean-up after them, helping to keep the quality of life in the community high for everyone. The stations from are easy to set up with simple tools.
It is irresponsible for a community to ignore the potential issues caused by dog waste. Well placed dog waste stations go a long way to solving those issues, keeping the entire community healthier and cleaner.

MINI DOG WASTE STATION w/The MittN BAG™ SYSTEM - DEPOT-027 Reviewed by Jerry on . Thanks DWD We were using another brand, found out they were almost 3 times more expensive so we switched to DWD and used the savinsg to buy 2 nice outdoor benches for our HOA. Rating: 5
MINI DOG WASTE STATION w/The MittN BAG™ SYSTEM - DEPOT-027 Reviewed by Debbie B on . Station Review We had been using dogipot stations and needed 2 more. We bought yours because of the great price. The are amazing quality, too. We like the color and the powder coating which doesn't show any dirt or fingerprints. The post is solid as a tank, so is the can. Great Station and really great price. Deb. Rating: 5
MINI DOG WASTE STATION w/The MittN BAG™ SYSTEM - DEPOT-027 Reviewed by Thadd O on . Great Quality Thanks for a great product i installed it myself in about an hour start to finish..... Rating: 5

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