ONEpul® DOG WASTE BAGS - Case of 3200 - DEPOT-021

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ONEpul® Bag advantages:
Efficient, economical and commercial grade! SUPER STRONG – passes the 'puncture test' 
Pull strap dispenses only ONE-bag-at-a-time!
Fits all header bag dispensers. 5" spacing between header holes.  
We originated the ONEpul® Bag – all others are copies of our Trademarked Original! Field tested to hold water for 7 days without leaking! The best header bag you can buy.
Dogipot®, HD Supply and FIDO, 'header card' bags don't have pull straps – you need to 'pinch' theirs to dispense – resulting in inadvertent bag dispensing. Our ONEpul® Bag beats them all! 
Our bags are 40% larger than standard roll bags = more capacity, easier to tie! 
Ours are 9" W x 14.5" L      
FIDO, Dogipot® and HD SUPPLY's are a skimpy 8" W x 13" L size – basically a roll bag on a header! Pet Waste Eliminator's are even SMALLER – 8" W x 11.75" L. Avoid all of these roll bags disguised as header bags! Residents won't be happy. Header bags need to be BIG, like ours!
Our bags reduce wasted bags as much as 70% vs. traditional "roll style" bags, where users pull out extra roll bags or vandals remove the entire roll.
Case of 3200 ONEpul® dog waste header bags.
For use in DEPOT-019ONEpul® Bag Dispenser. 
Item #: DEPOT-021 – Case of 3200 bags 
ONEpul® is a registered trademark. of ZW USA INC. All rights reserved
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ONEpul® DOG WASTE BAGS - Case of 3200 - DEPOT-021 Reviewed by Lisa Heller on . BEST BAGS EVER! We love the strap-pull bags! Rating: 5



Posted by: Lisa Heller

We love the strap-pull bags!

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