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It’s great to spend a bright, sunny day walking your dog, or maybe allowing your best friend to run at the dog park. Our dogs require our attention and love, but they also need some exercise, just like we do. Unfortunately,  whatever we do to bond with our canine cousins, we must be prepared to handle the inevitable – dog waste. So, of course, we should carry a few dog waste bags.
Everyone has experienced the trauma of accidentally stepping on dog waste. We’ve all had to remove it off our shoes. We’ve maybe even been that person who tracked it into our friend’s home. As responsible dog owners, we should clean up the mess that our dogs can't clean up for themselves. 
The fines for not cleaning up after your dog are significant. So, even if the concern for your neighbors isn’t encouraging enough for you to pick up your dog’s waste, possibly you should consider its potential impact on your wallet.
The best way to pick up dog waste is to use our dog waste bags. These bags work great for picking up waste. And it’s easy enough to find many dog poop bags online or in many stores. But, we bet you’re on our site because you want the best quality dog waste bags at the best possible prices!
Dog Poop Bags
There are some people who are more than happy to reuse their old plastic shopping bags to pick up after their dog. But, a much better, and safer, option is to use a bag designed for dog waste clean up. With our low prices, it's cost effective for you to take care of your dog responsibly.  You've come to the right SPOT for BAGS.  Dog Waste Depot is the CHEAPEST and BEST!
The great news is that you’ll be keeping your community and parks clean, without over-spending. 
What’s so special about our Dog Waste Bags?

They are commercial grade dog waste bags, designed for dog waste clean-up; black opaque, so you can't see through. Our bags are great for dog parks, and dog waste station refills. So whether you call them dog poop bags, doggy bags, dog waste bags, pet waste bags or poo bags, make sure they are Dog Waste Depot bags!  

TIE HANDLE GREEN UNSCENTED BAG - CASE of 4200 - DEPOT-270-GRN Reviewed by Jessie Grainger on . Solid and Simple We ordered 6 of these and I got them all installed in concrete footing in about 4 hours, with a helper. They look great and are definitely heavy-duty. I'll send you a picture. Jessie Rating: 5
TIE HANDLE GREEN UNSCENTED BAG - CASE of 4200 - DEPOT-270-GRN Reviewed by Jerry on . Thanks DWD We were using another brand, found out they were almost 3 times more expensive so we switched to DWD and used the savinsg to buy 2 nice outdoor benches for our HOA. Rating: 5
TIE HANDLE GREEN UNSCENTED BAG - CASE of 4200 - DEPOT-270-GRN Reviewed by Debbie B on . Station Review We had been using dogipot stations and needed 2 more. We bought yours because of the great price. The are amazing quality, too. We like the color and the powder coating which doesn't show any dirt or fingerprints. The post is solid as a tank, so is the can. Great Station and really great price. Deb. Rating: 5
TIE HANDLE GREEN UNSCENTED BAG - CASE of 4200 - DEPOT-270-GRN Reviewed by Thadd O on . Great Quality Thanks for a great product i installed it myself in about an hour start to finish..... Rating: 5

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